Can a Foreigner Get a Japanese Passport?

A Japanese passport is one of the most sought-after documents in the world. It provides its holders with access to a wide range of countries and offers many benefits, including visa-free travel. While Japanese citizens can easily obtain a passport by simply applying at their local government office, the same cannot be said for foreign nationals who want to become Japanese nationals.

The question then arises: Can a foreigner get a Japanese passport? The answer is yes! Although it may take some time and effort, non-Japanese citizens are still able to obtain a valid Japanese passport.

There are two main ways for foreigners to apply for citizenship – naturalization or long term residence status – both of which require meeting certain criteria set out by Japan’s Immigration Bureau. Naturalization involves becoming an official citizen through marriage or adoption while obtaining long term residence status requires demonstrating that you have lived in Japan continuously for five years or more.

If you’ve ever dreamed of exploring the beauty and culture of Japan, then you may have wondered if it is possible for a foreigner to get a Japanese passport. The answer is yes! While there are some restrictions and qualifications that must be met in order to obtain a Japanese passport, with the right steps, anyone can apply for one.

In order to be eligible for a Japanese passport, applicants must meet certain requirements such as being over 18 years old and having at least five consecutive years of legal residence in Japan. Additionally, foreign nationals who wish to obtain citizenship through naturalization need to renounce their current nationality when they submit their application. This means that individuals from countries where dual citizenship is not allowed will no longer be able to hold both passports once they become citizens of Japan.

The process by which foreigners can acquire a Japanese passport also varies depending on whether or not they were born in Japan or outside of the country. For those who were born within Japan, obtaining citizenship involves submitting an application along with proof of identity such as birth certificates or other documents proving residency status before reaching adulthood (18). On the other hand, those who were born outside Japan must follow different procedures including taking language tests and completing paperwork related to immigration status in order to prove their eligibility for naturalization into the country’s citizenry.

Is it Possible to Become Japanese?

Does Japan Give Citizenship to Foreigners

It is no secret that Japan is one of the world’s most exclusive countries when it comes to granting citizenship. With a long history of keeping its population relatively homogeneous and limiting immigration, Japan has very strict rules in place for those wishing to become citizens. While there are some exceptions, overall foreign nationals cannot obtain Japanese citizenship without marrying a Japanese citizen or through naturalization after living in the country for five consecutive years.

Marrying a Japanese Citizen: If you are married to someone who holds Japanese nationality, you may be eligible for permanent residency and possibly even citizenship if your spouse meets certain criteria. In order to gain automatic eligibility for permanent residence status upon marriage, your spouse must have been a legal resident of Japan continuously for at least three years prior to filing an application with the Ministry of Justice (MOJ). Once granted permanent residence status, you can apply for full citizenship after living in Japan uninterruptedly as a legal resident for five consecutive years.

However, applicants must also meet other requirements such as passing language tests proving their command over the Japanese language and knowledge about the nation’s culture and politics. Naturalization After Five Years: Naturalization grants foreigners who have not married into their new country access to rights associated with being citizens including voting rights which are otherwise denied from non-citizens.

Japanese Citizenship by Marriage

Getting married to a Japanese national is one of the fastest and most straightforward ways to gain citizenship in Japan. If you are planning to get married in Japan, there are several steps you need to take before applying for your Japanese Citizenship by Marriage. First off, it’s important that both parties have all necessary paperwork ready such as passports and birth certificates.

Additionally, both partners must sign a “Notification of Marriage” form at their local city hall or ward office, which will be used as evidence of marriage when applying for Japanese citizenship. Once this is done, the foreign spouse can then apply for an alien registration card (ARC) from the immigration bureau – an essential document required when submitting an application for naturalization as a Japanese citizen. The next step towards obtaining citizenship through marriage involves filling out various forms including “Application for Naturalization” and “Declaration Concerning Change of Nationality” found on the website of Japan’s Immigration Services Agency (ISA).

Along with these forms, applicants must also submit documents such as proof of residence address and income tax returns from past years. Furthermore, those seeking citizenship by marriage may also need to provide additional materials depending on individual circumstances; if either partner has any criminal records or if they plan on changing their name after becoming citizens etc., additional documents could be requested during processing time at ISA offices.

How to Get Japanese Passport

Are you looking to get a Japanese passport? Obtaining a Japanese passport is an important step for those who wish to travel abroad or are citizens of Japan living overseas. Whether you are applying for a new passport or renewing an existing one, it’s important that you understand all the steps involved in the process.

To help make your journey easier, here is everything you need to know about how to get a Japanese passport. First off, be aware that there are two types of passports issued by the government of Japan: ordinary and special ordinary passports. Ordinary passports can only be used for international travel while special ordinary passports allow holders certain rights such as exemption from immigration controls and visa requirements when entering certain countries.

You will also need to decide which type of application form best suits your needs – either electronic (e-passport) or paper (ordinary). Once you have decided on the type of application form and type of passport, the next step is submitting your documents at an immigration office in Japan where they will issue your personal identification number (PIN). This PIN must then be included with all other necessary documentation when applying for a passport at any prefectural office in Japan.

The list of required documents includes valid proof of identity such as birth certificate, family register (Koseki), driver’s license/ID card etc., completed application forms signed by both parents if applicable and payment fees associated with obtaining the document(s).

Is It Easy to Get Japanese Passport

Getting a Japanese passport is no easy feat. While the process of applying for one can seem straightforward, there are several key steps that must be taken in order to obtain a valid passport and travel outside of Japan. First, you’ll need to fill out an application form from your local government office or online.

This will involve providing proof of citizenship (such as birth certificates or other legal documents) and any other necessary information about yourself such as your name, date of birth, address etc. You will also need to provide two passport-sized photographs which meet certain criteria set by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Second, you must submit all required documentation along with payment for processing fees (which vary depending on how quickly you want your passport).

The entire process usually takes around two weeks but can take longer if additional paperwork is needed or if there are delays due to high demand at peak times like during holidays. Once everything has been submitted correctly and all fees have been paid in full, then it’s time to wait! Thirdly, after waiting between one week and three months depending on when you applied for the passport – it should arrive in the post with instructions on how to activate it using a unique code found inside its cover page booklet.

Can a Foreigner Get a Japanese Passport?


Can Non Japanese Get Japanese Passport?

When it comes to obtaining a Japanese passport, many people are unaware that non-Japanese citizens can get one too. It may come as a surprise that in certain cases, even those with no ties to Japan whatsoever may be eligible for this form of documentation. Under the current law, foreigners who have resided in Japan for at least five consecutive years and meet other specific criteria are able to apply for naturalization as Japanese nationals.

This process is called “shin koku jin” (naturalized citizenship). Those who obtain naturalized citizenship through this process are then entitled to receive a Japanese passport. In order to qualify for naturalization applicants must:

-Be at least 20 years old; -Have lived in Japan continuously for the past 5 consecutive years; -Possess assets sufficient enough to support oneself without relying on public assistance or welfare;

-Not have any criminal record in either Japan or their native country; and -Have good moral character and an understanding of the Japanese language. Those individuals who successfully complete these requirements can submit an application form along with supporting documents such as proof of residence, birth certificate, family registry document (if applicable), marriage certificate (if applicable) and police clearance documents from both countries of origin if required by immigration authorities.

How Difficult is It to Get a Japanese Passport?

Getting a Japanese passport is not as difficult as some may think. In fact, if you are already a citizen of Japan or have permanent residence status in the country, getting your own passport will be relatively simple and straightforward. In order to obtain a Japanese passport, applicants must first apply for naturalization.

This process involves submitting documents such as proof of identity, birth certificate and other supporting materials that prove their eligibility for citizenship. Once this application has been approved by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), they can then move on to applying for their own passport. The actual application process itself is fairly straight forward: Applicants simply fill out an online form with their personal information (name, address etc.), attach relevant documents such as photos and proof of identity/citizenship/residency status and submit it through the MOJ’s website or via mail.

After about two weeks, assuming all requirements have been met correctly and approved by the MOJ, applicants should receive confirmation regarding their application status along with instructions on how to pick up their new passports from designated locations throughout Japan. It should be noted that those who do not meet certain criteria (such as age restrictions) may find it more difficult to get a Japanese passport; however even these cases can usually be resolved provided that additional documentation is presented in support of an applicant’s case.

Can I Get a Japanese Passport If I Marry a Japanese Citizen?

Yes, you can get a Japanese passport if you marry a Japanese citizen. The process of applying for and obtaining a Japanese passport through marriage is fairly straightforward, but it does require some paperwork and patience on your part. First and foremost, in order to be eligible for a Japanese passport, you must first become legally married to your spouse in Japan.

This means that both parties must obtain the necessary documents from their respective countries or regions of origin, such as birth certificates or other relevant documentation proving identity and relationship status. Once these documents have been obtained they must then be submitted to the appropriate government office within Japan in order to register the marriage officially with the nation’s records. Once this has been done successfully, you will then need to apply for permanent residence status within Japan (either directly or through your spouse).

This involves submitting various forms of documentation demonstrating that all requirements are met—such as financial stability proof showing sufficient funds available for living expenses—and undergoing an interview with immigration officials at an embassy or consulate near your current location before approval is granted. After approval has been granted by authorities, applicants can then move forward with applying for naturalization which allows them to become an official citizen of Japan after meeting certain criteria including being able to read/write/speak basic conversational language fluently enough so as not impede daily life activities within the country; passing certain tests related national history/culture; abiding by all laws set forth within said nation; etc.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Japanese Passport?

If you’re a resident of Japan and looking to get your hands on a Japanese passport, then the process can be quite straightforward. You will need to pay an application fee as well as other fees associated with the processing of your documents. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how much it costs to get a Japanese passport and what you need to do in order to apply for one.

The cost of getting a Japanese passport depends on several factors such as whether or not you are already registered with the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) or if you have any special requirements that may incur additional fees. For regular applications, the cost is currently 4,500 yen (roughly $41 USD). This includes both the application fee and processing fee.

Please note that if you are applying for an international driving permit along with your passport application there is an extra charge of 1,000 yen ($9 USD). In addition to paying these fees when submitting your application form online or at any local government office which processes passports, there may also be additional costs involved depending on where you live in Japan and other special requirements such as taking photos for identification purposes or receiving delivery services from post offices etc.. These charges vary but usually range between 500-1000 yen ($4 -$9 USD).


Yes, a foreign national can apply for and get a Japanese passport. However, the process is complicated and requires patience. To be eligible for a Japanese passport, you must either meet certain criteria or have lived in Japan continuously for at least five years after receiving permission to stay permanently.

You also need to prove that you are of good moral character and have no criminal record in any country. Furthermore, if applying as an adult, you will need written proof from your parents confirming they agree with your application. After submitting your documents and filing fees, it may take up to six months before you receive your passport.

Additionally, keep in mind that if you’re approved for permanent residency but don’t become naturalized within two years of obtaining said status – then your permanent residence permit could be revoked by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ). That’s why it’s important to pay attention to deadlines when renewing or applying for new passports!

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