How to Get From Narita to Kyoto?

If you’re planning on visiting Japan, then you’ll want to know how to get from Narita Airport in Tokyo to Kyoto. This can be an intimidating process for first-time visitors as it involves navigating a large international airport and multiple train lines. But don’t worry—it’s actually quite simple!

In this blog post, I’m going to help guide you through the process of getting from Narita Airport to Kyoto. First off, if you have time before your flight arrives at Narita Airport, make sure that you buy a Suica card or ICOCA card beforehand so that once you land at the airport, all transportation costs will already be taken care of! The Suica and ICOCA cards are prepaid cards that allow travelers unlimited access to most major public transportation systems in Japan including trains and buses.

These cards are available online or at select stores near many Japanese airports such as Narita International Airport.

  • Step 1: Take the Narita Express from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station
  • The journey takes approximately one hour and costs around 3,000 yen
  • Step 2: At Tokyo station take the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Kyoto Station
  • This will take about 2 hours and 40 minutes, depending on which type of train you choose
  • Prices vary, but the basic fare is 13,600 yen for an unreserved seat or 15,300 yen for a reserved seat
  • Step 3: Upon arrival at Kyoto Station you can transfer to local public transport such as buses or trains to get you to your final destination in Kyoto city center
How to Get From Narita to Kyoto?


How Do I Get from Kyoto to Narita Airport?

If you’re looking to travel from Kyoto to Narita Airport, there are several options available. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose from a variety of transportation methods, including bus, train, or car. Below is an overview of each so that you can decide which one works best for you.

Bus: Several companies offer direct buses between the two destinations. Traveling by bus takes around 4-5 hours depending on traffic conditions and will cost around ¥8500-¥9000 (approx $80USD). You can purchase tickets in advance at most major train stations or online via various websites such as Japan Bus Online or Highway Buses Japan.

Train: For those with more time and money to spare, taking the train is also an option. The fastest way to get from Kyoto to Narita Airport is via the Tokaido Shinkansen high speed bullet train service which makes the trip in about 3 hours for about ¥25000 ($240 USD) one way ticket if booked ahead of time. If you buy your ticket at a station it may be slightly cheaper but still pricey compared to other forms of transport

Car: Renting a car is another great choice for traveling between these two cities since it gives you total freedom over where and when you go without having to worry about timetables or transfers like public transport does.

What is the Best Way to Travel from Tokyo to Kyoto?

If you’re planning a trip from Tokyo to Kyoto, then you have several options for how to get there. While air travel is the quickest option and taking the train is the most popular choice, driving or taking a bus can be great alternatives depending on your specific needs. The fastest way of travelling between Tokyo and Kyoto is by plane.

Flights between both cities typically take around one hour, although this varies depending on which airport in each city you’re flying into/out of. Airlines that offer direct flights include Japan Airlines (JAL) and All Nippon Airways (ANA). Prices vary but tend to start at around ¥20,000 ($183 USD).

Keep in mind that if you plan on checking in luggage it will cost extra so bear this in mind when budgeting for your trip. Taking the train is another popular option for travelling from Tokyo to Kyoto as it offers an affordable alternative with comfortable seating options available too. The Shinkansen bullet trains are renowned for their speed and reliability; they usually take just over two hours from Tokyo Station or Shinagawa Station to Kyoto Station and tickets range from ¥13,570 ($125 USD) – ¥14,720 ($135 USD), depending on what type of seat you choose such as reserved vs non-reserved seats etc..

Trains run frequently throughout the day so it’s easy enough to find a time convenient for your schedule.

How Much is the Bullet Train from Tokyo to Kyoto?

If you’ve ever wanted to travel between Tokyo and Kyoto, then the bullet train is a fast, convenient option. The bullet train (also known as the Shinkansen) can get you from Tokyo to Kyoto in just over two and a half hours. Depending on which type of bullet train you take, the cost of your ticket can vary significantly.

The most affordable option for traveling by rail between Tokyo and Kyoto is the Nozomi Super Express Train, which costs around 14000 yen ($130 USD). This price includes seats that are reserved in advance; making it a great choice if you want to make sure that your seat will be available when boarding time arrives. The Nozomi Super Express Train leaves from both Tokyo Station and Shinagawa Station every 30 minutes throughout the day, with an average speed of about 300 km/h (186 mph).

For those who prefer more comfort during their journey, there are other options available such as using the Kodama Limited Express or Hikari Rail Star trains. These alternative trains offer comfortable seating with adjustable headrests, power outlets at each seat so passengers can charge their devices while they travel and some even have Wi-Fi access onboard! Prices for these tickets range from 15100 – 16200 yen ($140 – $150 USD), depending on what type of ticket class is purchased.

Can You Take a Train from Tokyo to Kyoto?

Yes, you can take a train from Tokyo to Kyoto. Japan has an extensive railway network that connects the two cities. Taking the train is one of the most popular ways for travelers to get between Tokyo and Kyoto as it offers comfortable seating, convenient schedules and stunning views along your journey.

The main rail line between Tokyo and Kyoto is operated by JR Tokai (also known as Central Japan Railway). The fastest direct service on this route takes approximately 2 hours 30 minutes with no changes required. There are multiple trains departing daily, so travelers have plenty of options when it comes to planning their journey times.

Tickets can be purchased in advance online or at any major station in either city; however if purchasing tickets on departure day they must be bought at a ticket machine or counter due to limited availability onboard trains. For those wanting more comfort during their journey there are also several other operators offering premium services such as Shinkansen bullet trains which feature reclining seats, luggage storage areas and private rooms for small groups of up to four people (these require reservations in advance). Additionally some express trains offer sleepers where passengers can reserve beds instead of seats – ideal for overnight travel when making long-distance journeys between cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto.

Overall taking the train from Tokyo to Kyoto is an enjoyable experience that allows visitors to appreciate Japanese culture while viewing beautiful landscapes along the way – perfect for anyone looking for a memorable adventure!

How to transfer from Narita Express to Shinkansen (for Kyoto, Shin-Osaka) in Shinagawa station

Narita to Kyoto Bullet Train

If you’re planning a visit to Japan, chances are you’ll want to see both the bustling metropolis of Tokyo and the ancient city of Kyoto. If so, then consider taking the Narita to Kyoto bullet train for your journey between these two cities! The Narita to Kyoto bullet train is part of JR Central’s Tokaido Shinkansen line that runs from Tokyo Station all the way down to Fukuoka in southern Japan.

The route offers service on 10 different types of trains, including Nozomi and Hikari Expresses which run all day long at speeds up to 220 km/h (137 mph). This means that travelers can get from Narita Airport outside Tokyo right down into central Kyoto station in just 3 hours and 45 minutes – almost half as fast as by car! In addition, riding on this high-speed rail line also offers numerous benefits over other ways of getting around.

First off, it’s incredibly comfortable; with spacious seating areas, plenty of legroom and even power outlets for charging your devices during long rides. Secondly, there are no language barriers since announcements regarding arrivals and departures are made in English as well as Japanese. Finally, most tickets come with an optional seat reservation system that guarantees you a spot regardless how busy the train might be!

Narita to Kyoto Distance

If you’re planning a trip to Japan, you might be wondering how far it is from Narita Airport in Tokyo to Kyoto. The distance between the two cities can vary depending on your route, but the average is about 464 kilometers (288 miles). The most direct way to get from Narita Airport to Kyoto is by taking the bullet train or shinkansen.

This will take approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes, with a one-way ticket costing around 14,000 yen ($130 USD) for a non-reserved seat. Taking the bus is another option that takes about 8 hours and costs around 5500 yen ($50 USD), though this can be more time consuming than other transportation options. If you want an even faster journey with some sightseeing along the way, consider flying instead of taking the train or bus.

There are several domestic flights per day that depart Narita Airport and arrive at Kansai International Airport near Osaka (which is only 40 minutes away from Kyoto). These flights usually cost around 12,000 yen ($110 USD) one-way and take just 1 hour 15 minutes – making them an ideal option if your budget allows it! No matter which method of transportation you choose for getting from Narita to Kyoto, make sure you book ahead so that availability isn’t an issue when you arrive in Japan.

Narita Express

If you’re looking for a convenient and stress-free way to get from Narita Airport into the city of Tokyo, then look no further than the Narita Express (NEX). This express train service is one of the fastest ways to reach central Tokyo, with direct trains taking just over an hour. It also offers a comfortable ride thanks to its spacious interior and reclining seats.

Here’s everything you need to know about NEX before your next visit to Japan. The NEX runs between Narita airport and three major train stations in Tokyo: Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Tokyo Station. Depending on which station you choose as your destination, it will take around 55 minutes or less for the whole journey.

The trains run at regular intervals throughout the day – usually every 30 minutes during peak times – so there’s plenty of flexibility when it comes to planning your travel schedule. The cost of a one-way ticket varies depending on where you’re going; fares start from ¥3100 ($30 USD) up until ¥4400 ($42 USD). If you plan on using public transport often while in Japan then I recommend purchasing an IC card such as Suica or Pasmo – these can be used on all forms of transportation including NEX trains – plus they offer discounts too!

Train Narita to Tokyo

Train travel is a great way to get around Tokyo and the surrounding area. The Narita Express (N’EX) is the fastest and most convenient way of getting from Narita International Airport to Tokyo Station or any other major station in the city. With frequent departures throughout the day, it’s easy to plan your journey ahead of time.

The N’EX takes about one hour and costs 3,190 yen for an adult ticket from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station. There are also discounted tickets available for children under 12 years old as well as group discounts for 4 or more people travelling together. Tickets can be purchased at JR East ticket machines at all airport terminals as well as online in advance on their website or through various apps such as Hyperdia or Navitime Japan Travel app.

Once you board your train, you will enjoy comfortable seating with plenty of legroom while viewing some breathtaking countryside scenery along the way until you reach your destination in no time! Most trains have wifi available so that you can stay connected while traveling too! If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to getting into central Tokyo, then Keisei Skyliner might be right up your alley!

This service runs frequently between both airports and Ueno Station which usually takes about 80 minutes but only cost 2,240 yen per adult ticket – making it much cheaper than taking N’EX.


Hey there! If you’re looking to get from Narita Airport in Japan to Kyoto, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what you need to know:

First, you have a few options when it comes to transportation. You can take the Shinkansen (bullet train), bus, or plane. The quickest way is by taking a flight from Narita airport directly into Osaka Kansai airport and then getting on another train or bus for Kyoto – this only takes around 4 hours total travel time.

If you’d prefer not to fly, then your other option is taking the Shinkansen bullet train from Tokyo Station all the way up to Kyoto station – this will take about 3 hours and cost between 13000-18000 yen depending on how fast of a service you choose. Lastly, if you want an economical option there are regular buses that run between Narita Airport and Kyoto which cost roughly 5000 yen and take just over 6 hours of travel time. Whichever method of transportation works best for your budget and needs; getting from Narita Airport in Tokyo to Kyoto should be relatively straightforward with these tips!

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