Should I Travel to Japan in April?

The question of whether to travel to Japan in April is an important one, as the weather and other factors can have a major impact on your experience. In general, April is a great time to visit Japan due to its mild climate and vibrant spring scenery. This season also sees many outdoor festivals taking place around the country, making it easier for travellers to explore and enjoy traditional Japanese culture.

However, there are also some potential drawbacks that should be taken into consideration when deciding if this is the right month for you to visit Japan. April typically brings temperatures ranging from 8-17 degrees Celsius (46-63 Fahrenheit) during the day depending on where you’re visiting in Japan – ideal for those who don’t like extreme heat or cold. The season also sees beautiful cherry blossoms blooming across cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto which makes it an especially good time for sightseeing enthusiasts looking for breathtaking views of nature’s beauty at its peak.

Additionally, several cultural events occur throughout April giving travelers plenty of opportunities to interact with locals and learn more about local customs while having fun at the same time!

Things To Do In Japan In April | Spring Festivals and Events | Lin Nyunt

If you’ve been thinking about taking a trip to Japan, April is the perfect time to go. Not only does this month mark the start of cherry blossom season, but temperatures are mild and pleasant in most parts of the country. Plus, there are plenty of events and festivals happening throughout April that make it an exciting and unique travel experience.

April marks the start of one of Japan’s most beloved traditions: hanami (cherry blossom viewing). During this period, which usually lasts from early April through mid-May, people gather together under blooming sakura trees to have picnics and parties with friends or family. It’s a wonderful way to take in nature while experiencing Japanese culture firsthand.

The best part is that these blossoms can be seen all over Japan—from rural villages in Kyushu to bustling metropolises like Tokyo and Osaka. In addition to its beautiful scenery during springtime, Japan has many cultural events going on throughout April as well. In Kyoto alone there are numerous traditional festivals such as Aoi Matsuri (the Hollyhock Festival), Gion Matsuri (the Festival of Yasaka Shrine) and Jidai Matsuri (the Festival of Ages).

There’s also sumo wrestling tournaments held at various locations around the country for those looking for more active pursuits!

Japan Travel Restrictions

With the world still grappling with the coronavirus pandemic, travel restrictions are commonplace. Japan is no exception, and many potential travelers may be wondering what to expect when planning a trip to this island nation. In this blog post we’ll explore Japan’s current travel restrictions in detail so you can make an informed decision about whether to book your next vacation there.

As of April 2021, all non-Japanese nationals are not allowed entry into Japan unless they meet certain criteria such as having a valid work visa or being married to a Japanese citizen. This applies even if travelers have proof of vaccination against COVID-19; only Japanese citizens and foreign residents with special permission from the government will be permitted entry at present time. Travelers who do enter must abide by strict quarantine protocols upon arrival –– most commonly 14 days in either their own residence or hotel accommodation –– and provide contact information for tracing purposes.

All passengers entering through airports must also present negative PCR tests taken within 72 hours before departure (although exemptions may be made on humanitarian grounds). Additionally, local governments in each prefecture may require additional testing upon arrival or during quarantine periods (at traveler’s expense) depending on their risk assessment of that particular area.

Worst Time to Visit Japan

When considering a trip to Japan, there are many things to consider including the best time of year to visit. While there is no definitive answer as everyone has different preferences and interests, there are certain times that should be avoided due to various reasons such as high prices, crowded attractions, or bad weather. The worst time of year to visit Japan is generally around the summer months of July and August.

During this period, temperatures tend to reach extreme levels with humidity making it difficult for visitors who aren’t used to hot climates. Furthermore, the country experiences its highest influx of tourists during this peak season which means overcrowding at popular tourist destinations such as Tokyo Disneyland or Universal Studios Osaka can occur very easily. Hotels also increase their prices significantly during these months so travelers will likely have difficulty finding affordable accommodation during their stay in Japan if they plan on visiting between July-August.

Another time that should be avoided when planning your trip is New Year’s Day (January 1). Although it’s one of the most celebrated holidays in Japan and people traditionally spend it with friends and family by exchanging gifts and having special meals together; transportation services such as trains become extremely busy due to an influx in domestic travel causing difficulties for foreign visitors trying get around efficiently. All shops close on January 1st so even getting basic supplies may prove challenging too.

Japan in April Weather

If you’re planning a trip to Japan in April, you’ll want to know what the weather will be like so that you can pack accordingly. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the overall climate of Japan during April and provide some tips on how to prepare for your journey. April is considered one of the best months of the year to visit Japan as it marks the start of spring when temperatures are milder compared to summer and winter months.

The average temperature in Tokyo during April ranges between 10°C-20°C (50°F-68°F). However, northern regions can experience temperatures as low as 5°C (41°F) while Okinawa is usually much warmer at an average temperature of 22°C (72°F). In terms of precipitation, most parts of Japan receive around 7 days worth rain and showers throughout April with total rainfall ranging from 30mm (.1in) in Hokkaido up to 100mm(4in) in Kanto region.

Snowfall is still common across many cities including Sapporo where snow continues into late May or early June! So if you’re travelling northward make sure you bring along a coat or warm clothing just incase. When packing for your trip keep these points in mind: layers are key!

Japan in April 2022

April 2022 is an exciting time to be in Japan! As the cherry blossoms begin to bloom, the country is getting ready for a vibrant season of festivals and events. Whether you are looking for cultural experiences or just wanting to explore nature’s beauty, there’s something special waiting for everyone in April.

Here’s what you should know about traveling to Japan in April 2022: Festivals and Events April marks the start of hanami (cherry blossom viewing) season, which will last until May – when it begins to warm up again.

During this period of time, many parks become hubs of activity as people gather around the trees at night with food and drinks to celebrate spring’s arrival. You can also take part in one-of-a-kind festivals such as Kodomo no Hi (Children’s Day), Tanabata Matsuri (Star Festival), and Sanja Matsuri (Three Shrine Festival). Each festival has its own unique history, traditions, costumes and performances that make them truly unforgettable experiences!

Nature Experiences One of the best ways to experience Japan’s natural beauty is by taking advantage of its stunning mountain ranges. From hikes along Mt Fuji or Mt Tateyama; hot springs located across various onsen towns; or camping out under clear night skies – there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor exploration during April 2022.

Best Time to Visit Japan 2022

If you’re planning a trip to Japan and want to make the most of your visit, then knowing the best time to travel is essential. There are certain times of year in which visiting Japan may be more advantageous than others, depending on what type of experience you’re looking for. One of the best times to visit Japan is during 2022.

During this time, temperatures will be milder than other parts of the year due to its location within the temperate zone and there won’t be any major holidays or festivals taking place that would disrupt flights or accommodations availability. Not only will you have plenty of options for transportation and lodging, but there will also still be enough cherry blossom trees in bloom throughout April and May offering an incredibly beautiful sightseeing opportunity. The summer months (June through August) can often prove too hot for many visitors who aren’t used to extreme heat; however if you do choose to come during these months there are some great activities available such as music festivals and fireworks displays that take place across various cities in Japan at night allowing visitors a unique cultural experience when it cools down slightly after dark.

The autumn season offers another period where travelers can get out into nature with amazing foliage colors visible near Mt Fuji while snow-capped mountains provide picturesque backdrops further north closer towards Hokkaido Island region.

Should I Travel to Japan in April?


Is It Good to Visit Japan in April?

If you’re looking for a unique and exciting travel destination, then Japan in April is the perfect choice. During this time of year, the country celebrates its annual cherry blossom season – an awe-inspiring event that draws thousands of visitors from around the world. But beyond just being visually stunning, there are plenty of other great reasons to visit Japan in April.

To begin with, April marks the start of springtime in Japan. Temperatures tend to be mild and comfortable throughout most parts of the country during this month; making it ideal conditions for sightseeing or exploring outdoor activities like hiking or cycling. In addition, travelers will also find some excellent deals on hotel rooms if they book early enough as many places tend to offer discounts at this time of year due to lower demand.

One thing that makes visiting Japan in April so special is its vibrant culture and captivating festivals that take place all over the country during this month. For example, Tokyo holds its traditional Sanja Matsuri festival every May 3rd – 4th which features beautiful parades filled with dancers wearing colorful costumes dancing through the streets while carrying large mikoshi (portable shrines).

How Cold is Japan in April?

April is a great time to visit Japan, as the temperatures are just beginning to warm up and the cherry blossoms have begun to bloom. But how cold does it get in April? The average temperature for most of Japan in April falls between 10-20°C (50-68°F).

The northern regions, such as Hokkaido and Tohoku, tend to be colder with temperatures ranging from 4-15°C (39-59°F), while Kyushu and Okinawa enjoy warmer weather with averages of 16-23°C (61-73°F). It’s important to note that much of this temperature varies depending on where you are located within Japan. For example, Tokyo usually sees an average high of around 18 °C (64 °F) during April while Sapporo experiences highs closer to 11 °C(52 °F).

As well, there can be many fluctuations throughout the month – one day could be mild before dropping drastically overnight or vice versa. So it’s always best to bring layers when visiting Japan so you’re prepared for any kind of weather! In terms of precipitation, April tends to see more rainfall than other months due to its position between spring and summer.

It also tends towards being windy during this period because the jet stream shifts northwards causing strong winds from Siberia into mainland Japan.

Is April a Good Time to Visit Tokyo?

If you’re looking for a time to visit Tokyo, April is an excellent choice! This month during the spring season offers visitors a unique mix of sights and experiences. From the cherry blossom trees in full bloom to the many cultural events that take place throughout the city, there are plenty of reasons why April is such an ideal month for visiting Tokyo.

One of the most popular attractions in Tokyo during this month is its famous cherry blossom trees. As temperatures begin to rise in early April, Japan’s famed pink and white sakura (cherry blossoms) come alive all over the city. The spectacle attracts thousands of people who flock to parks like Ueno, Shinjuku Gyoen and Sumida Park just to admire their beauty – making it one of April’s biggest draws!

It also signals a time when people gather outdoors with friends, family or colleagues for hanami (flower viewing) picnics under these gorgeous blooms – creating a truly unforgettable experience. Aside from its stunning natural scenery, another reason why April is so great for visiting Tokyo has everything to do with its seasonal activities: festivals!

When Should I Visit Japan to Avoid the Crowds?

If you’re looking to avoid the crowds when visiting Japan, timing is key. While there are popular tourist spots throughout the year, certain times of year can be especially crowded due to holidays and festivals. To ensure your visit is as stress-free as possible and to get a more authentic experience of Japanese culture while avoiding large groups of tourists, here are some tips on when it’s best to travel:

1) Visit during the off season: Even though summer and winter in Japan tend to be extremely busy with visitors from abroad, spring (March-May) or autumn (September-November) can be a great time for sightseeing without too many people around. During this period there will still be plenty of activities going on – such as hanami flower viewing in spring or koyo leaf viewing in fall – but not all places will be at maximum capacity like they would during peak season. 2) Avoid Obon week & New Year celebrations: Obon week takes place each August – traditionally an important festival which honors deceased ancestors – so if you want an uncrowded experience it’s best avoided altogether.

The same goes for New Year celebrations which take place over several days between December 29th and January 3rd; these dates attract huge numbers of domestic travelers who come home for the holiday season making them incredibly busy periods that should generally be avoided if possible.


If you’re considering a trip to Japan in April, then the answer is a resounding yes! April marks the beginning of spring in Japan, and it’s an ideal time for sightseeing. The weather is mild and pleasant, perfect for outdoor activities like biking or hiking.

Plus, with the cherry blossom season just starting up in late March/early April, you can take part in one of Japan’s most beloved traditions: hanami (flower-viewing). You can also experience unique festivals like Aomori Nebuta Matsuri or Tokyo’s Sanja Festival. And when it comes to food, there are plenty of seasonal dishes that will make your taste buds happy.

So don’t hesitate – plan your trip now and get ready to explore all that Japan has to offer during this beautiful time of year!

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