Where to Stay in Kyoto?

Are you planning a trip to Kyoto and looking for the best places to stay? If so, then you’re in luck! Kyoto is one of Japan’s most beautiful cities, with its stunning temples, shrines and traditional wooden homes.

It offers an array of accommodation options ranging from luxurious hotels to affordable hostels. Whether you want to immerse yourself in history or experience modern life in the city, there are plenty of amazing places for your stay. No matter what type of traveler you are or how much budget you have, there is something here for everyone!

In this blog post we will explore some great lodging choices that can help make your time in Kyoto even more memorable.

As one of the most beautiful cities in Japan, Kyoto offers travelers an array of places to stay. Whether you’re looking for a traditional ryokan, a modern hotel or something completely unique, there is sure to be something that suits your style and budget. Here are some great options for where to stay when visiting enchanting Kyoto:

For those seeking something more authentic, Ryokans are the perfect choice. These traditional Japanese inns offer guests the opportunity to experience Japanese hospitality at its finest. Most Ryokans include private baths with natural hot springs and tatami-style rooms decorated with futon beds and shoji screens.

While these accommodations can be on the pricier side, they definitely provide an unforgettable cultural experience during your visit! If you’re looking for a more modern option but still want access to all that Kyoto has to offer then look no further than hotels in downtown areas such as Shijo Dori or Kawaramachi/Gion Districts. From luxury 5 star hotels like The Ritz Carlton and Granvia Kyoto Hotel right down to smaller budget friendly lodgings like APA Hotel & Resort Shinagawa Eki-Mae ,there really is something suitable for everyone here!

Finally if it’s uniqueness that you seek then why not try out a capsule hotel?

Where to Stay in Kyoto?

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What Part of Kyoto is Best to Stay?

When visiting the ancient city of Kyoto, it can be hard to decide which part of the city is best to stay. With its rich history and many attractions, Kyoto has something for everyone. The key is to narrow down your priorities and preferences in order to find the perfect spot that suits your needs.

For travelers looking for a more traditional experience and easy access to cultural sites, staying in or near Higashiyama is an excellent choice. This district offers stunning views over historical temples such as Kiyomizu-Dera, Ginkakuji Temple and Nanzenji Temple – all within walking distance from each other! Stroll along Ninenzaka Street or Sannenzaka Street lined with quaint tea houses and shops where you will feel like time has stood still since Edo period Japan.

There are also plenty of delicious restaurants offering up local dishes such as kaiseki ryori (multi course meals) prepared using fresh seasonal ingredients from nearby markets including Nishiki Market. For those seeking nightlife options as well as shopping opportunities should consider staying around Shijo Dori Avenue or Kawaramachi Dori Avenue located in Nakagyo ward near downtown Kyoto station area. Here you’ll find plenty of bars serving craft beer cocktails alongside lively karaoke spots tucked away on side streets while high end department stores provide ample retail therapy during day time hours.

Is It Better to Stay in Osaka Or Kyoto?

If you’re trying to decide between Osaka and Kyoto for your next vacation, it can be a tough choice. Both cities offer plenty of attractions, activities and cultural experiences that make them both great destinations. Ultimately, the best decision will depend on what type of experience you’re looking for in Japan.

Osaka is often referred to as “Japan’s Kitchen,” due to its abundance of delicious cuisine from around the country. Whether you want to try Takoyaki (octopus balls) or Ramen noodles, there are no shortage of places in Osaka where you can sample some delectable Japanese food. Not only does this city have an impressive selection of restaurants, but it also has vibrant nightlife and entertainment options such as karaoke bars and arcades which make it an ideal spot for travelers who enjoy lively atmospheres.

In contrast to Osaka’s modern energy, Kyoto is known for its old-world charm and traditional culture. This ancient city contains numerous temples and shrines that are centuries old; visiting these sites gives visitors a unique insight into Japan’s long history and religious heritage. In addition, many people come here just to take part in one of Kyoto’s spectacular festivals throughout the year—from cherry blossom viewing parties in springtime to lantern processions during Obon season—which makes this destination particularly enjoyable during certain times of the year.

How Many Days Should You Stay in Kyoto?

When it comes to visiting Kyoto, Japan, many people ask the same question – how long should I stay? While there is no definitive answer as to how many days you should spend in this beautiful city, there are certain factors that can help you decide. The first factor is what type of traveler you are.

Are you a history buff looking for a deep dive into the culture and heritage of Kyoto? Or do you prefer sightseeing and exploring the city’s natural beauty instead? Depending on your preference, different lengths of time may be necessary to get the most out of your visit.

For those interested in learning about traditional Japanese culture, three or four days would be ideal. This allows enough time to explore popular attractions such as Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Fushimi Inari Shrine while still having time left over for other activities like visiting one of Kyoto’s many gardens or attending a tea ceremony. Additionally, spending at least two nights in an authentic ryokan gives visitors an opportunity to experience true Japanese hospitality firsthand.

Those who prioritize sightseeing may wish to extend their stay slightly longer than cultural travelers; five or six days would give them plenty of time to fully appreciate all that Kyoto has to offer. Popular spots like Ginkaku-ji Temple, Arashiyama Bamboo Grove and Nishiki Market require more than just a few hours each – so plan accordingly!

What is Considered Downtown Kyoto?

If you’re planning a visit to Kyoto, one of the most popular cities in Japan, then it is important to understand what areas are considered downtown Kyoto. Downtown Kyoto is an area that includes several districts and neighborhoods where visitors can find restaurants, shops, and attractions located near each other. The main downtown district of Kyoto is known as Kawaramachi-dori Street (also referred to as Shijo Street).

This street runs from the Sanjo Bridge to Karasuma Oike intersection and covers about 1 km of space across two sides of the city’s center. The streets on both sides feature plenty of department stores, cafes, restaurants and boutiques selling traditional Japanese goods like kimonos or hand-crafted pottery items. You can also find some major landmarks along this street such as Rokkakudo Temple which has been around since 1620 A.D., Nishi Honganji temple complex with multiple buildings dating back to 1591 A.D., Gion Corner theatre that offers traditional performances every night except Mondays at 6:30 P.M., Kiyomizu dera temple with its famous veranda overlooking Higashiyama Mountains and more!

Nearby is another shopping district called Teramachi-dori Street (or Shinkyogoku Shopping Arcade) which features over 600 shops covering everything from souvenirs to clothes & accessories stores for all budgets; there are also many independent boutiques found here too!

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What Area to Stay in Kyoto

Kyoto, Japan is an amazing city to visit and explore. With its beautiful temples, stunning shrines, delightful restaurants, and interesting museums there are plenty of things to do in the city. But when it comes to choosing a place to stay in Kyoto, it can be difficult to choose where exactly you should go.

To make things easier for you, here’s some information about what area you should stay in during your time in Kyoto. If you want the classic tourist experience with all the sights within easy reach then the best place for you would be around Gion-Shijo Station or Kawaramachi Station. This area is well known for being home to many beautiful traditional houses as well as having streets lined with shops selling souvenirs and local delicacies like matcha ice cream.

In addition, this area has many excellent restaurants offering Japanese cuisine including sushi bars and ramen joints that will delight any food lover! For those who are looking for something more relaxing yet still close enough so they can easily access all of Kyoto’s attractions then staying near Arashiyama might be just right! This scenic spot located on the banks of Oi River offers visitors a chance to take in views ranging from bamboo forests and winding riverside paths while also being conveniently close enough so one could hop onto a train or bus into town whenever needed.

Best Place to Stay in Kyoto for First Time

If you’re planning a trip to Kyoto, Japan and you’re looking for the best place to stay during your visit, then look no further! Kyoto has some amazing accommodations that will make your stay both comfortable and unforgettable. From traditional Japanese inns to luxurious hotels and budget-friendly hostels, there is something for everyone in this ancient city.

For first-time visitors, one of the most popular choices is a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn). Ryokans offer an authentic experience where guests can enjoy traditional tatami mat rooms with futon beds as well as onsen (hot spring) baths. Many of these establishments also serve delicious kaiseki meals – multi course feasts featuring local delicacies such as fresh sushi or tempura.

Popular ryokans include Kiyomizu Ryokan near Kiyomizu Temple and Gion Hatanaka near Gion district. Alternatively, if you’d prefer more modern amenities like air conditioning or western beds, then there are plenty of great mid-range hotels around Kyoto too. Some top picks include New Miyako Hotel in central Kyoto which offers 4 star facilities at a reasonable price point; Arashiyama Benkei – a riverside hotel located close to the famous bamboo grove; or Hotel Granvia Kyoyo which boasts fantastic views from its location next to JR Kyoyo Station.

Where to Stay in Kyoto Reddit

If you’re looking for the best place to stay in Kyoto, Reddit can be a great resource. With its user-generated content and lively conversations, it has plenty of valuable information about lodging options in this fascinating city. Whether you’re visiting on a budget or want something luxurious, there are plenty of places to choose from.

Here is a guide to help you find the perfect accommodation for your trip: 1) Budget Options – If you’re looking for affordable accommodations in Kyoto, check out Guesthouse Mingei and Hotel Gion Sunflower. These two hotels provide clean rooms at reasonable prices with helpful staffs who can speak English.

It’s also possible to find some cheaper ryokans (traditional Japanese inns) around the city if you look hard enough! 2) Luxury Hotels – For those seeking luxury during their stay in Kyoto, try out The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto or Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto. Both have stunning views of Mt Hiei and offer top-notch services such as spa facilities and excellent restaurants.

Depending on when you visit, they may have special offers that make them even more attractive choices!

Where to Stay in Kyoto With Family

Are you planning a family trip to Kyoto and wondering where to stay? Look no further! We’ve put together this comprehensive guide on the best accommodations for families in Japan’s oldest capital city.

Whether you want a luxurious hotel, an affordable hostel, or something in between – there’s an option for everyone. For those who prefer luxury, there are plenty of upscale hotels that offer spacious rooms and amenities like spas, pools and saunas. The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto is one of the most popular choices among tourists looking for luxury accommodation in the city.

This 5-star hotel has stunning views of the Kamo River from its rooms as well as delicious restaurants and bars located within its walls. Other high-end options include The Westin Miyako Hotel Kyoto and Hotel Granvia Kyoto which both provide excellent service with modern facilities at reasonable prices. Families who are looking for more budget friendly options can choose from many mid-range hotels such as APA Hotel & Resort Nishikyo Ekimae or Daiwa Roynet Hotel Kyoto Kawaramachi Bettei .

These two establishments have comfortable rooms with all the necessary amenities such as air conditioning, refrigerators, internet access and cable TV channels at more affordable rates than their five star counterparts.


Are you planning a trip to Kyoto? If so, you’re in luck! This beautiful city has many amazing places to stay.

From traditional ryokans and temples to modern hotels, there’s something for everyone. For those looking for an authentic Japanese experience, consider spending the night at a ryokan or temple lodging. These establishments offer guests tatami mat rooms with futon beds as well as communal baths and other amenities.

The atmosphere is peaceful and calming, perfect for taking in all of Kyoto’s beauty. If modern comforts are more your speed, there are plenty of mid-range hotels near popular attractions like Nijo Castle and Fushimi Inari Shrine that cater to visitors from around the world. These lodgings usually provide comfortable beds, en suite bathrooms and onsite dining options.

Plus they often have tour desks where travelers can book excursions throughout the city without leaving their hotel room! For those wanting luxury accommodations during their stay in Kyoto look no further than high-end resorts located along the Kamogawa River or on picturesque hillsides overlooking the ancient capital city. Guests can enjoy decadent meals prepared by renowned chefs as well as take part in cultural activities like tea ceremonies or flower arrangement classes before retiring to their sumptuous quarters after a long day of sightseeing!

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